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Scientific Research Mod

This is a mod idea that i found on the Minecraft forums. i thought that it was a great idea for a mod so i decided that i would try to make it.

i am currently working on it and it will be awhile until a version is available for testing.

V0.1 The Botnay path is the only field of science that is currently working and even then its glitchy
you need to craft this to start

you will get this when you right click with the package equiped

next click with the license equipped and this will happen

next you choose your field of science, botany is the only path that is currently working if you right click with the botany emblem equipped this will happen, the other emblems will disappear

next right click with your research book equipped this will happen

now you can right click on things with the book equipped and it will tell you what can be gather from that item. however you need botany tools to get those items.
Tweezers work on cactus and grass

Spore collector works on mushrooms

Iron scraper works on normal log

now that you have some materials you can use them to craft soem helpful items

this block is corrupt seeds, they well are not normal seeds, break the block several times and see what i mean.
this stuff will help those corrupt seeds grow.

and this is one of my favorite items. it applies the organic fertilizer on the sides of trees to extend them right click on a piece of normal log and see what happens.

this is a Work In progress mod so please give it a try and sugest any new things i can add to the mod thank you

v0.2 adds the technology field and Biology field both are sill very early in development use the Dna darts with the dna dart gun to gather dna from mobs and animals.

To install download modloader for minecraft 1.2.5 install modloader then put this mod as a .zip (Dont unzip) into the mods folder that modloader creates. always back up your saves before installing any mod
V0.4.1 Download------>ScientificReaserchV0.4.1
V0.4 Download ------->ScientificReaserchV0.4
V0.3.1 Download------>Scientific reaserch 0.3.1
V0.3 Download-------->ScientificRreaserchV0.3
V0.2 Download-------->ScientificReaserchV0.2
V0.1 Download--------> Here
just put the zip in the folder that modloader creates and your ready to use the mod thanks, Bayjose

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minecraft texture pack

THIS IS FOR 1.8.1 to install drag to desktop of your computer. then find your minecraft bin folder. open the bin and find minecraft.jar . if you havent done this yet, change the name to . it will say do you want to use .zip and say yes use .zip. open this zip and you will get a minecraft.jar folder. open the folder. drag terrain.png out of the minecraft.jar folder. rename the downloaded bay's texture pack, terrain.png. then drag this terrain.png into the minecraft.jar folder, and then run minecraft. enjoy!!!

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