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Bay’s Crystal Craft 1.2.5

This is a mod that adds Crystals. alone the Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires dont do much, however when combined with a diamond and one of 9 blocks they form a PowerCrystal!!

These power crystals allow you to place an infinite amount of that block.

All that this mod requires is Modloader. just put it into the mods folder that Modloader creates, and your ready to play!! The gems spawn in chunks of up to 3 below level 20. to get the ore into a gem, just put in the crafting grid anywhere.

CrystalCraft3 you can now use all Power Crystals and they have the appropriate uses. craft a Destruction Crystal and see what happens:)
CRYSTALCRAFT 2 additional 17 power crystals such as gravel,glass,sandstone,ice,flowers,mushrooms and a ton more. stay tuned for crystal craft 3 witch will be the final form of the mod with additional 60 items and different levels of power crystals MK1 64 USES MK2 256 USES, MK3 INFINITE USES.
DOWNLOAD------->Bay's Crystal Craft 2, 1.2.5

old Download Here ------> Bay's Crystal Craft.1.2.5

Pre Release for crystal craft 2 some items dont work yet but try the destruction crystal!!!! put a power crystal in the center and surround it with bukits of lava and you have an amaizin tool, i coded this so it will conflict with no other tool adding mods:)
Download------> Bay's Crystal Craft 1.2.5 2(pre-release)
put the download into you mods fol

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